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    Pre-Comps not hiding out of frame content properly.


      I have an odd problem: I have created a small pre-comp of an image that starts off outside of the frame, moves in vertically, then moves out. When I insert this pre-comp into another composition though, the image is visible when outside of the pre-comp area. Here are some screen shots to describe it, since it's hard to describe.


      Frame 0 on pre-comp. Image is above comp area, and properly hidden. All is good.

      Shot 1.jpg

      Frame 8 on pre-comp. Image coming down into view now. All good still.

      Shot 2.jpg

      Frame 33 on pre-comp. Image is now moving out of frame. All good.

      Shot 3.jpg

      Frame 0 on main comp (and pre-comp). As you can see, the image is visible now, even though it should be outside of the visible area in the pre-comp.

      Shot 4.jpg


      I have several images that are all behaving this way on my main comp. If I make a new comp and drop the exact same pre-comp into it, the pre-comp behaves as expected (hiding the image when outside of the work area). It even appears like this (wrong) when I render. I would like to avoid moving all of my main content to a new comp if possible. Is this some kind toggle that I hit accidentally that's causing this?