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    What best to buy for exporting machine

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      Hello everyone,


      My I suggested to buy new workforce to increase our export hours per week so we can deliver more material to our clients per week, and my boss gave me green light to buy 3 computers. I already have 3 machines (2 pc cori7 and cori5 and mac pro), I will only use the 3 machines to export no editing or other major tasks to be done on them, all editing process are done on my i7 & mac pro machines, what I wanna know is that for the machines that I will buy -which will be used only for exporting, what matters the most to get the fastest export, an i7 with a built in graphic card near to 1 GB or something or should I custome install a 3 GB graphic card for example?


      We wanna buy asap, appreciate all fast responds (and of course late ones ), hope to meet our planned target to meet customer's demand.