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    Help! Do InDesign PDF security settings work as DRM?

    Jane in Shropshire

      I'm using InDesign CS5.5 and am about to publish my first ebook. I thought that the security settings available when I export my file as an Interactive PDF worked as DRM/copy protection. But in the InDesign manual, Adobe suggest that setting restrictions for printing and copying the PDF are useless unless you also require a password to open the document. Which of course, I don't want to do: I'm planning to sell the PDF from my website.


      I don't want to put up a file that anyone can freely copy and print: I think most people don't understand the concept of copyright, or that you can't lend an ebook as you can a print one. Does anyone have any advice? I've stumbled upon this problem at the eleventh hour: I want the book on sale on Tuesday, to coincide with an exhibition to publicize it.


      (I've had to stick to the PDF format for this project since it consists of pages laid out to combine colour photographs and text.)