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    Synching Clip and Audio

    Rothrock Level 5
      I've got some "puppets" that give various audio feedback to students during a game. They slide on, say the audio, and (hopefully) slide back out. Sometimes however, they don't slide out.

      Here is how the puppet is set up.

      blank keyframe with a stop();
      A label "enter" on frame 2 with the slide into screen part
      A label "loop" on frame 8 that starts the mouth moving.
      A keyframe with code on frame 27 that sends the movie back to loop.
      A label "exit" on frame 28 that stops the mouth and then slides the puppet off screen.
      Where it loops around to frame 1 to be ready for the next time it is needed.

      Then on my main timeline I have the code below which sends in the puppet, starts a specific sound, waits for the sound to finish and then sends the puppet out.

      The problem is the sounds are of various lengths and due to various loads on the player even the same sound will take a different number of frames to complete.

      If the puppet is on frame 27, the one where the code sends it back to loop, then the code on the puppet instance "overrides" the code in the function. In other words, function says, "gotoAndPlay("exit")" but the puppet's timeline says "gotoAndPlay("loop")" and the puppet's timeline "wins."

      Any ideas?

      My thought is to add an onEnterFrame to the function that will cancel after one frame and have it send the puppet to exit again. If it was already send it will just be there anyway and if it wasn't set it will go there. What do you think? Any other approaches?