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    Using cross-references in the index?

      Wondering if there are any suggestions out there for using cross-references in the index.

      I don't think using the "See also" option is what I'm looking for; what I'd like to do is create index entries with a cross reference next to them.

      I tried this by creating an index entry and typing (See "other topic name") next to it, but when I compiled the project this index entry was not included because I did not have a topic assigned to it.

      Is there any way to create a cross-reference index entry without a topic assignment? Or are there other workarounds that you use?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Index cross references are designed to enable you to have index keywords that when clicked redirect the user to another keyword. For example I use them for acronyms to redirect users to the longer version. Are you cross references topics inside the project? If so, can't you use the index cross references by indexing in the same manner? If the cross reference you want is outside the project, using the index is not the way I'd suggest. Why not use a link in a topic to a URL, file, etc. You may be able to do what you want through a redirect topic but I haven't looked into this. Come back with some more details if I am off the mark.