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    Why might ACR have slowed down on CC?

    Martin Klefas Level 1

      I've always used ACR for initial image processing, but recently it's slowed down to the point where moving between images takes around 1-2 seconds. I've actually ended up pulling an old laptop out of a cupboard that's running vista and Bridge CS3!

      So my question is, what can I try other than the below which haven't been much use:

      • Clearing thumbnail/preview cache
      • Changing cache directory
      • re-install
      • downgrade to CS3!
      • Moving images onto SSD
      • Editing direct from CF Card


      The images themselves are from a Nikon D2Hs, just over 4 megapixel, and it doesn't seem to matter where on the computer they're stored.


      My main machine is:

      Windows 7, Dual Xeon (8 core, 2.4GHz) , 64GB RAM, 160GB of space left on scratch/cache disk array - exibiting no other faults.

      Let me know if there's anything I can post to show performance etc, and thanks in advance.