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    Why might ACR have slowed down on CC?

    Martin Klefas

      I've always used ACR for initial image processing, but recently it's slowed down to the point where moving between images takes around 1-2 seconds. I've actually ended up pulling an old laptop out of a cupboard that's running vista and Bridge CS3!

      So my question is, what can I try other than the below which haven't been much use:

      • Clearing thumbnail/preview cache
      • Changing cache directory
      • re-install
      • downgrade to CS3!
      • Moving images onto SSD
      • Editing direct from CF Card


      The images themselves are from a Nikon D2Hs, just over 4 megapixel, and it doesn't seem to matter where on the computer they're stored.


      My main machine is:

      Windows 7, Dual Xeon (8 core, 2.4GHz) , 64GB RAM, 160GB of space left on scratch/cache disk array - exibiting no other faults.

      Let me know if there's anything I can post to show performance etc, and thanks in advance.