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    Matching InDesign 2.0 + CS6 fonts


      We recently upgraded to new Macs running Mavericks OS and InDesign CS6.


      We have several files created in InDesign 2.0 (on Macs still using OSX 10.4) that have fonts not recognized by CS6. Fonts include Garamond Ultra Condensed, Bodini Open, Adobe Garamond, Zapf Chancery CSATT Italic, and Helvetica Narrow.


      Where is the font library InDesign 2.0 uses?


      Where is the font library for CS6 that we should install these fonts in?


      - Ken

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your fonts in the old Mac are probably in one of these two locations:


          [Computer Name] > Library > Fonts




          [Home folder] > Fonts for any users for that computer.


          Back those fonts up.


          Install them in [Computer Name] > Library > Fonts on your new computer. Those fonts will now be available for all users.