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    HELP!!  cannot seem to embed fonts

    Mr Binitie Level 1
      src: url(./assets/ARIAL.TTF);
      fontFamily: "aArial";
      fontStyle: regular;
      .mystyle1 {
      fontSize: 12pt;

      <mx:Panel x="40.5" y="22" width="325.5" height="268" layout="absolute" backgroundAlpha="0" horizontalAlign="center" horizontalScrollPolicy="off" verticalScrollPolicy="off" title="test embed"
      id="d_mail" color="#FFFFFF" borderStyle="solid" borderAlpha="0" styleName="mystyle1"></mx:Panel>

      This is my tale of frustration. I've tried every which way but loose, within the AS3/Flex docs to embed fonts. Once I set the style of the control or container to mystyle1 it justs defaults to "BL***Dy" Times Roman.
      Please save a man from going mad.

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