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    get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ blank and .exe disappears.


      I went and visited a friend who told me she was having a few computer issues.


      After resolving a few easy issues we got around to that she couldn't play Youtube videos.

      Upon going to youtube and getting a solid black box where the video should be, I went to make sure everything was updated on windows, and when I went to do flash, going to get.adobe.com/flashplayer (though links at adobe) It doesn't load the page and just stays pure white.


      I downloaded the correct version through another computer and brought it over to the one having issues Via Flash drive.

      As soon as I click on the file to install, the entire file disappears from the hard drive. (The installation process then freezes, forcing me to end the process).


      So next I decided to get Google Chrome (instead of the Internet Explorer that she was using) - went to Chromes website and clicked their big blue download chrome button............ nothing happened. After a few more attempts, I again,  downloaded it from another computer and transferred it over.


      After installing google chrome, its built in flash player works normally and youtube videos are watchable.

      So the initial problem is more or less solved....


      but the person I was fixing it for would like to continue using Internet Explorer and not Google Chrome.

      Is there a known solve for whatever issue this may be???