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    Unable to change TOP property of a text object (intermittently experienced)

    Chick Newman Level 1

      I was not able to vertically move a single (of many) text object in my animation. In this instance, no matter where I set the TOP property, the the text immediately jumped back  to the -12 position (and wound up nearly off stage). This experience occurred whether I changed the value for TOP in the properties panel or if I dragged the letter to TOP = +4 position with my mouse. I would appreciate it if someone  would address this issue, as I was not able to figure it out myself. What could possibly cause this problem and what do I need to do to prevent it?


      It appears that this may be an occasional bug in the program (I can't explain it otherwise). I can't  always reproduce it, but when it occurs, the animation is ruined and has to be scrapped. I am providing a screen shot of the stage and timeline of the problem.


      Thank you.