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    Fireworks, Flex & 9-Slice

      I'm using Fireworks CS3 to create graphical skins for a Flex application. I create the skin as a rich symbol, so that I can specify the 9-Slice coordinates and resize the skin correctly in Flex while I'm still designing. Then I export the skin as a png file.

      Say i want the png to be the skin for a component that will resize dynamically during the running of my Flex app. If I want this, I have to specify the 9-Slice coordinates in my app's CSS file. This means that I have to go back and look at the rich symbol in Fireworks and use my cursor and the info panel to find out the coordinates, then type the coordinates into the CSS of my flex app.

      I want to automate this process. I’m thinking of ways it might be possible, like using the Fireworks JavaScript API to create an extension that writes the CSS file. Is this possible? How hard would it be? Right now I’m looking through the API and I can’t find any property that contains the 9-slice coordinates. How can I access the 9-slice coordinates?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated
      -Karen Thorsen

      Edit: i just found out that swf files used as skins maintain their 9-slice info, that's a lot easier than the tangent I went off on, above.