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    Flash navigation and frames / iframes page

      For the past few months I've been trying to have a flash file open a certain html page or php page in either a framepage or an iframe. In the past I've had no problems with this. I've done it several times before without any errors. But somwhere along the launch of internet explorer 7 and or Flash Pro 8. I've not had such luck.

      If you look at the following site: http://www.teamafp.com
      you will notice that the flash menu system works just fine. The flash buttons opens the correct pages in the correct windows. This site was made a few years ago and even with the development of IE7 and FireFox it still functions the way it should.

      Now when making a new site using the EXACT SAME CODE and the EXACT SAME HTML / PHP CODE (for the frames / iframes) this does not work

      I've mad a quick example of this located at this url:

      Any one who can figure out why this is would be greatly appriciated!!!!