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    photoshop unable to identify second scratch disk



      I've got photoshop CC and when I check Edit>preferences>performance, the C drive is visible (SDD disk) and also the external HD is visible, but not the D Drive. I already checked the discussions about assigning rights to the disk, but the rights are fine and all boxes are checked 'read and write'. So is there another solution maybe to let Photoshop know there is a D drive?


      My system specs are:

      -Windows 7, Processor: Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-3770 CPU 3,40 GHz, RAM= 8 GB, 64 bit system.

      -The C drive is the SSD card and the local drive is drive D.


      So this last drive is not recognized by Photoshop

      as a scratch disk. My exernal harddisk is visible tough.


      I´m wondering wether or not Photoshop will perform better if the program can make use of the local D Drive and what could be te reason that Photoshop doesn´t recognize this disk? Thanks in advance,

      with regards, Marcel