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    Split Document (EPUB only) InDesign CC

    Dries Hermans



      I have a problem with the "Split Document (EPUB only)" option in InDesign CC.


      When I checked the option "Split Document (EPUB only)" and save, close and re-open the same file. The option "Split Document (EPUB only)" will be UNchecked.


      Is it a bug or is there something I'm doing wrong?



      Kind Regards

      Dries Hermans

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

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            pooja2087 Adobe Employee

            Hi Dries,


            Split Document setting is not retained when the document is exported or saved as IDML. This is a bug since CS6. If this setting is not getting retained on document save, please tell us the exact steps for this bug. Also, let us know the version of InDesign you are using.




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              Dries Hermans Level 1

              Hi Pooja


              I'm working with InDesign CC Version 9.2.1.


              These are the exact steps:

              1. Open a file from a bookfile;
              2. Opening the paragraph style options of a style;
              3. Going to the menu "Export Tagging";
              4. I'll check the "Split document (EPUB only)" option on;
              5. Saving the style;
              6. Saving the file;
              7. Closing the file;
              8. Saving the bookfile;
              9. Export the book to ePub with the "Split document: Based on Paragraph Style Export Tags" on.


              The ePub wil not be split on the tagged style because the "Split document (EPUB only)" option will be checked off.


              I Think the only sollution is to keep the file open before exporting the ePub. Isn't it?



              Kind Regards

              Dries H.

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                pooja2087 Adobe Employee

                Hi Dries,


                Would it be possible for you to share the test files? I tried but in my case, the problem is not reproducible with the above steps.

                My email id is:pja@adobe.com




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                  richthewriterguy Level 1



                  I'm having the same problem ... split ePub setting is not retained for one (and apparently only one) paragraph style. I created the .indd file in the latest version (as of 8/27/15 ... I always update immediately) and never saved as anything but .indd. I've never imported, saved as or used the IDML format (had to Google it).


                  I am 100% sure it was set yesterday when I exported this file (and it is happening to at least 10 of 15 similar files all using the same paragraph style). I saved the paragraph style and the file AFTER ensuring it was checked. Today, when I corrected an error (unrelated, just a missed space but in a paragraph that uses this paragraph style), the checkbox was often (not every time, with every file, maybe 9-10 times out of 15 files) turned off today.


                  Any solution or workaround yet (I see the original question was from nearly 15 months ago but is still not answered) or is this just something I've got to deal with?


                  Thanks for any help.




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                    Yves Apel Level 3

                    Hi Pooja,


                    I have the same problem, also with recent InDesign versions. For some styles, it does not retain the split, css emit and tag name options. I files already two bug reports with sample data.