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    Consistent but random pitch changes

      Hi all,

      I've just started using Captivate last week, so I'm still learning the ropes.

      My setup is this:
      Captivate 2.0
      Rode NT1-A mic
      M-Audio MobilePre amplifier

      When I record a full-screen demonstration, the record process works fine.

      However, if I do a project preview, the narration in some slides suddenly speeds up dramatically, sometimes in the middle of the slide. I take the audio out to Sound Forge 8.0 to perform a pitch shift of -12 to the affected part of the tracks to correct the audio, but the synchronization is all fouled up. Note that I have not done any single-slide scrubbing at this point.

      I also find that some of the relevant audio is on the slide preceding or proceding the one I want the audio to be associated with, so getting a good synch requires a complete audio remix between several slides to get proper timing.

      Is this a known issue? If so, what is the fix?

      Thanks a bunch!