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    Click issue with s:Datagrid on mobile for iPads with retina displays (only left half is clickable)


      I'm currently testing a Flex mobile application (that was originally made for iPad 2) on high rest iPad fourth generation and iPad Air devices.


      I'm having this strange issue where the s:DataGrid, no matter where I use it in the application, will display correctly, but only the left half is clickable to select rows. The number of columns in the DataGrid is not important, nor is the width of the DataGrid, the problem is always present. As soon as you try to click in the right half, it doesn't work.


      The application uses an applicationDPI of 160, and scales properly on the higher resolution devices.


      So this feels like a bug to me, as if the DataGrid scales properly, but not it's clickable area?


      I have tried a bunch of stuff to see if I could work around this issue, like calling invalidate functions and setting the DataGrid's width dynamically, but no change so far.


      At this point I'm open for any suggestions or ideas...


      Edit: After further testing it seems the same is true for the height. I noticed when I added more rows in the grid. Only the top half of the DataGrid can be clicked. So it really looks like a dimension issue with the clickable area?