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    CF Builder 3 and document root of the server


      I'm trying to test CF Builder 3 before deploying it to user machines so I can help them with the initial setup.  However I'm confused by the process of linking code to the built in CF Express and the online help files are either lacking what I need to I just can't find the right document.



      • Windows 7 64bit & Windows 8.1 64bit
      • CF Builder 3 installed to the default c:\ location
      • CF Express installed with CFB3 into the default location inside of CFB3
      • SVN repositories located in the User's Document folder


      I checked out a fresh copy of one of the repos and then added it to CFB3 by doing File -> New ColdFusion Project -> and changed the project location to be the repo location.


      Repo structure

      • Project_Name - CFB3 project points to here
        • CustomTags
        • scripts
        • webroot - executable CF website code resides here



      I then went to Run -> Run while I had index.cfm selected and I get this error.



      So I went to the Project -> Properties -> ColdFusion Project -> Additional Source and I added a Link that pointed to the path of the code.  However when I go back and try to run it again I keep getting that same error message above.


      What gives, why can't I get the code to run?  Do I seriously have to move all of the user's repos into the C:\ColdFusionBuilder3\ColdFusion\cfusion\wwwroot\ folder just to get them to work?