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    is this possbile?

    zibber Level 1
      ok here goes...

      what i would like to do is create a flash movie with a liquied layout so:

      a menu on the left
      a main panel
      a smaller control panel under main

      *the menu is the same height as the others combined with a boit of space between each component.

      Now the liquid layout bit i have almost got nailed....however..

      What i need to do in the main clip is load in seperate swfs. One particualr section has a large area that needs to scroll.
      With the liquid layout i would like the loaded large area swf ,reveal more as the user expands the window. However, currently with the system i have put in place it all goes very wrong, on resize the main clips goes backwards in size. But the same code worked when the main clip had nothing else nested in it. the main clip that goes wrong has the following in it.

      a mask
      a movieclip (that is told on root to load in external swf)
      a coloured block(whichis jsut the panel

      Does anyone know what im doing wrong here please?

      cheers in advance