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    Fillable tables in FormsCentral yet?




      It was previously answered that tables are not supported in FormsCentral.  That was is 2011.  Have any improvements been made, and are fillable tables supported in FormsCentral yet?  If not, does anyone have any workarounds to either get a table OR a question with multiple checkboxes in one line to work?


      Example)  Please indicate if the following materials are used in the construction of your device:


      Material          Yes          No                    Comments

      Sunshine          X

      Rainbows          X

      Unicorns                         X                    We were out of unicorns.



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          Rebecca Staley Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          So, there's a short answer and a creative answer. The short answer is that FormsCentral does not support open-ended table entries. However! The creative answer is to use a Likert scale (aka rating scale). Here's an example of a form that uses a rating scale to achieve more or less the same effect as your above question:


          • We Heart Unicorns •


          You'll notice that I included a little skip logic in there, so if someone answers "No" in the rating scale, a comment box will appear so they can explain why there were no unicorns involved. Click around, check it out, let me know if that helps at all.




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            jlpeterson9 Level 1

            Very nice!  Am I correct in assuming that this would only work for web forms, and not if I saved the form as a PDF?

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              Rebecca Staley Adobe Employee

              If you save the form as a PDF, you lose the skip logic - but if you're not worried about hiding the comment fields, then just go ahead and save it as a PDF file! The Comment fields will appear below the rating scale regardless of whether the answer is Yes or No.

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                jlpeterson9 Level 1

                Thanks for this tip, Rebecca.  I am a newbie to skip logic and I am having some difficulties figuring out how to do this.  Any tips?

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                  Rebecca Staley Adobe Employee

                  Sure! Heck, I've got LOTS of FormsCentral tips!


                  When it comes to skip logic, there are just a few things to remember:

                  • You can apply skip logic to a question, to several questions, or to whole pages of your form. Just select the item that you want to show or hide based on a previous response, and check the "Show/hide" box in the field properties fly-out menu. That's where you can set your conditions. (If you want to show or hide a full page, add a page break to your form, select that page break, and check the box there.)

                  Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 4.33.58 PM.png


                  • FormsCentral lets you show or hide content based on answers to previous questions - you can choose the number of conditions you set. Remember, though, that these answers MUST be for choice-based questions: drop-down menus, single or multiple choice questions, or check boxes. FormsCentral can't read answers people type in, so they have to have chosen an item from some sort of list. Take your fine example of the materials checklist:

                       Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 4.39.40 PM.png

                  Notice that I had to choose a field from the above table that had certain associated values (in our case, either yes or no).


                  The best way to learn how to do this is just to play around with the conditions for a given form field or form page and test the resulting form; I'm sure you'll get the hang of it pretty quickly! Let me know if you need any more help and I'll try to explain this stuff in more detail.



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                    jlpeterson9 Level 1

                    Makes sense.  Now, a curve ball.  I have made a rating scale table just like the Unicorn table above but with more lines.  I would like the comment field to come up when either "Yes" or "No' is selected, but to be associated with that individual line.  See image below.  Did I set it up wrong in order to make that happen?