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    Coldfusion 10 return a ISO-8859-1 string from a restful web service?


      Hi All,


      Is there anyway for a Restful web service function to return a "ISO-8859-1"  charset string instead of an UTF-8 charset?



      I have tried this in my function but it isn't working.


      <cfcomponent rest="true" restPath="/TestString">

              <cffunction name="TheTestString" access="remote" returnType="String" httpMethod="GET">

                       <cfset res="Hey guys, I hope you like #trim(TheTestString)#">

               <cfset TempString = CharsetDecode(res,"ISO-8859-1")>

              <cfset ReturnString  = CharsetEncode(TempString ,"ISO-8859-1")>

                       <cfreturn ReturnString >




      Any ideas?