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    Creative Cloud Arial Narrow family not displaying as option Windows 7


      The 'Arial Narrow' family is not showing up as an option in inDesign, or any of the creative cloud suite on a 64bit Windows 7 Professional machine. The font was installed with Office 2010 Professional, I can confirm all of Arial Narrow is in notepad, however it does not display in inDesign. I have deleted the fonts from 'C:\Windows\Fonts', and imported the font files from a computer which has it working correctly to no avail. I have run a full search for adobefont*.lst, which did not return any results, so I was unable to delete it. I installed Office 2007 on a Windows XP machine, applied the hot fix from Microsoft, and installed the font from that into the problem machine, which did not resolve the issue.


      Does anyone have any other ideas? Thank you.