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    Conditional Build Tags Break Links

      Hi all,
      I have a solid, 3-years old, RHX5 project that works fine.
      Delivering a part of it using conditional build tags, I found out that some of links are broken.
      The topics configuration looks like this:
      Parent topic - with a link to several child topics

      (many) Child topic(s) - each with a link to the parent topic

      Now, using conditional build tags, all of the topics go to the main deliverable and are marked accordingly.
      Some of the topics go to the secondary deliverable. This includes the parent topic and some of the child topics.
      So, the parent topic is marked with both tags, and the links that point at topics that doesn't belong to the secondary deliverable are tagged accordingly. This part works fine.
      The links that belong to both deliverables are tagged with both tags. Some of them - not all - are broken.
      In these cases, a child topic exists in the deliverable, but the link from the parent topic is broken.
      I have deleted all links and written them anew. This did not solve the problem.
      Where elese should I look into?

      Thanks in advance (please help the poor writer regain his weekend :-)