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    Trying to figure out how to create a progress bar in Edge Animate - not a preloader.


      We're evaluating the possibility of using Edge Animate to produce a HTML5 software simulation. We've looked at Captivate, but it is lacking in it's functionality; especially when it comes to the ability to hover your mouse over certain objects in order to display something to the user - like a hint box.


      We would like to create a progress bar at the bottom of the simulation that would dynamically update as the user progresses through the course/simulation. The ideas is that each time the user completes a task, the timeline would jump to a new label. So, every time a new label is encountered, the progress bar should update. The progress bar should also update if the user uses the back button to view something.


      Has anyone done this or is there a site with code or widgets other's have created?


      Thanks in advance.