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    Is anyone else trying to use Edge Animation to create software simulations?

    GMAN_1955 Level 1

      We're in the process of evaluating Edge Animate to create software simulations. We want to use it because it has many great HTML5 functions. We're also evaluating Captivate7 - which also has an HTML5 option - but it lacks some of the functionality we're looking for. Like the ability to show users a 'hint' when they hover their cursor over an object. Why that functionality isn't there already - I still can't figure out. It would be create if Adobe could take some of the functionality in Edge Animate and incorporate it into Captivate! It would make an awesome product!


      If you're attempted or were successful creating a software simulation using Edge Animate - I would be interested in hearing how you accomplished it. Also looking for some best practices around this idea.


      I think Edge Animate would be an amazing product for software simulation if it incorporates a few enhancements.

      • In the timeline - allow the user to nest things. The timeline can get unwieldy quickly. Would be nice to be able to nest items and then twirl the nested items to hid them - like in AE.
      • Enable AE functionality with the ability to play one Edge Animate piece inside another.
      • Provide the ability to add video with transparent backgrounds. We wanted to have someone walk on screen and appear as if they were walking on the software. Can't do it in Edge Animate!


      If you have any other ideas or suggestions for creating software simulations in Edge Animate - would be great to hear from the community