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    Chart / Business Day


      Is there a way to use the DateAndTimeAxis or to create a subclass of it to display only business day
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          pgherveou Level 1

          As Flex does not provide "busines day" time and date axis. I finally used a category axis.
          My problem now is to display only key point date on the X axis.

          I tried to use the custom display label function above but I can fix the label size neither the unused ticks

          Is there a better way to do that ?

          thanks for your help

          public function labelFunction(categoryValue:Object, previousCategoryValue:Object, axis:CategoryAxis, categoryItem:Object):String {

          if (previousCategoryValue == null )
          return categoryValue.toString();

          var previousDate : Date = new Date(previousCategoryValue.toString());
          var currentDate : Date = new Date(categoryValue.toString());
          if (currentDate.date < previousDate.date)
          return formatter.format(currentDate);
          return "";