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    I cannot RAM preview in AE CC.


      I have After Effects CC on a Mac running OS X 10.9.2 with 14 GB of RAM.  I cannot RAM preview.  No matter what I set "Memory & Multiprocessing" to, RAM preview won't do anything.


      Here's some details.  Under "Memory & Multiprocessing," the final line, "Actual CPUs that will be used" stays at zero no matter how I allot the RAM and CPUs.  This is really weird.


      Then, when I hit RAM Preview, I get the dreaded "You must have 2 or more frames" error.  I should have plenty of RAM, but AE cannot "find" it.


      Obviously, I cannot work like this, so any help would be appreciated.


      Additionally, when I open AE, I get these errors:

      The GPU-accelerated ray-traced 3D renderer does not have enough free video memory (VRAM) to operate.  The ray-traced 3D renderer will use the CPU.  To allow the ray-traced 3D renderer to use the GPU, close other applications and restart After Effects


      Quicktime is not installed on this system, some components will not work correctly.

      I have Quicktime, and I have 512 MB of VRAM on an NVIDIA GeForce GT 120, so none of these should be true.