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    Need help with 'hover' text box

    Daniel Ulysses Level 1


      Why the 'hover' text box don't appear in this page? Welcome to TummyTime, 3D 4D Ultrasound, Modesto, Salida, Ceres, Turlock area.

      The 'hover' text should appear as you go over the pictures at the bottom of the page under  RECENT ANGELS section.

      As you see in this page (Under "Our Projects") :HOME - Arctic Template

      the 'hover' text box appear as you go 'over' the picture, but in 'my' page it doesn't.

      Now, when I 'preview' in my computer, I can see the 'over text box' appear but when I upload it, it just doesn't.

      Can you please check it out and help me with this problem please?