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    Empty Glossary - maybe not HHActiveX problem?


      Hello, all.

      I am experiencing a problem with the glossary on my published .chm file.


      First off, it does not seem to be the 64-bit HHActiveX.dll registration issue discussed here (and several other places). I have the 64-bit dll registered.


      The problem is that when I publish the .chm, on initial viewing it displays a completely blank Glossary tab (as is symptomatic of the wrong HHActiveX dll being registered, and discussed in detail in this forum). When I close that version of the file and reopen it, I get a better, but still empty glossary; it displays fields for Term and definition, but they're empty. My .glo file contains many terms. Here's what I see:

      RH Glossary.png

      The Contents, Index, and Search tabs appear fine.


      Here's what I've done to troubleshoot so far (none of these make any difference):

      • Searched every HTML Help forum topic that includes the word glossary.
      • Created a new dummy glossary and tried publishing with that one instead. (The fact that the problem persists when I created a brand new .glo file populated with a single dummy term and definition makes me think it's not an issue of incompatible characters in the .glo file.)
      • Deleted .cpd file and reopened the project.
      • Created a new window layout and published using that.


      Any ideas?

      I am using RH on a Windows 7 64-bit PC.