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    Default object settings in templates?

      I would like to save highlight boxes size and color, mouse click properties, and others as default object settings for new recordings. After saving a movie as a template and creating a new movie from that template, objects in the recordings do not retain the properties I expected. Is there any way to set these defaults?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          You can do nothing about the mouse - that I can think of, anyway. The highlight boxes (including properties) as well as click-boxes, buttons, text-captions and other objects can be saved to just one or two slides in another movie, then opened in a 2nd instance of Captivate to be copied and pasted as needed into the "current" project.

          Without criticizing "templates", this simple "Library Movie" concept is similar but without the confusion-factor that some people have with templates.

          Have a good day!