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    VBox Panel & Zoom

      I am struggling with a simple problem for the past 5 hours. Is anyone there to help on this?

      My MXML Structure is something like this

      <mx:Vbox id="myvb">
      <mx:Panel id="myPan"></mx:Panel>

      And through code I am creating instance of sprite object and adding a child to the panel "myPan". And I am calling ZoomIt function (code is below) to apply a zoom effect for my panel.

      private function zoomIn(o:Object,r:Boolean=false):void {
      var z:Zoom = new Zoom();
      z.target = o;
      z.easingFunction = Bounce.easeOut;
      z.duration = 1000;
      if (r) {
      else {

      What is happening is the zoom is starting from 0,0 where as I need to start it from center point.

      If I apply the same effect in my Vbox zoom is starting from center point, but the problem here is I badly need to apply only in the panel.

      I tried with various parameters,styles etc. But I couldn't find any good solution to this.

      Any one??
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          JabbyPandaUA Level 3
          Combine mx:Zoom with mx:Move effect to achieve zooming effect relative to the center point of the object
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            V__K__K Level 1
            Thanks for the response.

            I tried using both Move & Zoon but coldn't manage to do it.

            Apprently when I tried setting horizontalScrollPolicy & verticalScrollPolicy to off of VBox, the zoom played how I exactly I want.
            I don't know how this works, but it worked. :-))

            Instead of above MXML by using this

            <mx:Vbox id="myvb" hScrollPolicy="off" vScrollPolicy="off">
            <mx:Panel id="myPan"></mx:Panel>

            will zoom the panel from center point.