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    Need some Guidance

      I am trying to add folders to my Robohelp HTML help database, and everytime i create a folder, give it a name and hit enter an error message appears that says:

      Error Parsin Structure File

      i am curious as to what this means and how i can go about fixing this problem.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          Is your project on a network? If it is, move it to a local drive.

          If it is local, create a new project and try adding some folders and topics to that. Any difference?

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            kale_11 Level 1
            That did work,

            now i have another problem. i am looking at my file status veiw, and there are many files that have a status marked as: Removed from Version Control.

            how do i get them back into version control?
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              On a network under version control is a different thing to the project being worked on across a network. With version control, each topic you work on gets pulled back to your hard disk to work on, then checked back in. That is very different to working on it directly across a network.

              I'm sorry but I cannot help you with version control matters but someone else will pick this up.

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                kale_11 Level 1
                I am having problems with version control.

                It says that under my file status tab, that many files have been removed from version control.
                Why is this, and what can i do to get my files back into version control?
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                  kale_11 Level 1
                  I am creating a template to add to all of my topics. i follow the steps to create a template and then i add a header into my template. in the header is a company logo, why is it that when you are no longer editing the header the logo appears as a shadow and is not visible?
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                    lmarden Level 2
                    Don't worry about this too much - your output topics will display the graphic, even if it is shaded as you work with topics. If I had to guess why they do this, I can only think maybe its a way to reduce memory drain. But really, it's no biggie. If you are at all worried that a graphic won't appear, just use the Preview Topic button to check it out. The graphic will be there.
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                      kale_11 Level 1
                      I see what you mean, but the problem also occurs when u print it. it shows up on the printed copy as a grey shade. is that still okay?
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                        lmarden Level 2
                        Are you printing the topic from within RoboHelp, or from the compiled / published project? I have a logo in my footer that prints with color when the print is initiated from the published WebHelp project - or even from the compiled chm file I used to produce from the same project. Try compiling the output and printing from there...
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                          kale_11 Level 1
                          i am printing from within robohelp, im sure that is why it is not working!
                          thank you so much for your help
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                            lmarden Level 2
                            No problem - I'm glad it was that simple. It's too pretty a day to think too hard!!!
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                              RoboColum(n) Level 5
                              To add to Lmarden excellent advice you can use the View | Header menu item to toolbar icon to view the header. The WYSIWYG only "displays" one element at a time with the choose being the header, footer or body. The reason you are seeing the grey area when you print is that you haven't compiled. Although the topic has your template assigned, it is the compile process that brings all the various elements together.