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      I think I've finally got Element 12 to work.  How much  of a machine does one need to make rendering not take so long?  I have a Hp windows 7 home edition with duo processor and 4gb of memory, and, the video I am working with

      has been transferred from VHS to element 12.  I have Neat Video, smart fix, smart color fix, and adjusted the lighting effects, so, I have a 2 hours and 40 mins. of video that needs to be rendered.  Again, is this machine adequate and how

      long should it take to render this work indicated?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You don't say what processor you have, but that can certainly be a factor in rendering time also.


          But mainly it's combination of what your source video is, if your project is set up to match it and what you're rendering as.


          What file format is your digitized video and what resolution is it and what codec does it use? You can find out by opening one of your video files in G Spot or MediaInfo.

          GSpot Codec Information Appliance


          That alone makes a very big difference in how the program performs. There are many ways to digitize VHS from video -- from DV bridges that connect by FireWire to your computer and capture highly compatible video to USB-connected devices that capture video is often very difficult formats to work with.