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    Manually trigger the responsive resize method


      I am building slide type webpage, and each slide is set to display: none, and removed from view until the viewer hits the button to slide to the next or previous slide. Edge compositions set there do play, but they do no resize accordingly when the viewer slides over. Does the Edge JavaScript API allow for us to externally trigger the resizing of Edge compositions?

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          hemanthR Adobe Employee

          Responsiveness should work if you trigger window resize event.

          Here is a snippet to do that manually


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            leetou02 Level 1

            Hemanth Kumar,


            Thanks for the reply! I went and tested what you suggested, but unfortunately nothing actually happens to resizing the Edge composition — unless I physically resize the browser window with my mouse. Triggering it via JavaScript does not  resize the composition.


            To explain a bit more about the issue: The Edge composition does this weird behavior only when, the composition is loaded, I move to the next slide (the previous slide with the active Edge composition) is set to display: none. Now, on the new slide, I resize the browser window, and then move back to the previous slide (now set to display: block). This results in the Edge composition being scaled very small, until I resize the browser with my mouse then it rescales back to full size (fit its parent container).


            Any suggestions or thoughts? Thanks.