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    Autopopulate PDF Form Text boxes

    OrthoVLo Level 1

      I would appreciated any help on this matter as my IT department is unfortunately of little use.


      I am trying to gather information from text boxes in a webpage dialogue inside of a EMR (electronic medical record) system to prefill out certain textboxes in fillable form I created.  I do not now how to reveal the source code from the page in order to get help creating the code/script.  I am a complete novice at javascript but have used the forum to create various arrays to autopopulate forms.  Here is a screenshot of what I am trying to accomplish.

      PDF Form.JPG

      I would like to take the patient account number and name from the "1. Choose a patient"" boxes and prefill in the form with the patient name and account # text boxes in the form.  We have to fill out a million forms a day and it would BE SO GREAT if we didn't have to type in the info that is literally 2 inches above it!


      I do not know if this is even possible or I have to have some special privileges via the EMR company, but when I mentioned it to my IT department I got the deer in headlights look.


      Thanks for any help you can provide.