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    SVN and Coldfusion Builder 3

    DeliK Level 1

      I just started using CF Builder 3 after spending a couple of weeks with CF Builder 2.  I was previously using Dreamweaver and so am not that familiar with Eclipse.


      I was never able to get the svn to work even with the help from the instructions on www.trunkful.com.  Now with CFBuilder 3, I'm wondering if I need to try to go through the same process for setting up subversion. (I'm using Tortoise SVN)  If so, on Trunkful.com it was suggested that you "make sure you use the correct Eclipse Repository Helios, Ingo, Juno, Kepler, etc."  How does one select the correct Eclipse repository to work with CFBuilder 3?  Any other helpful hints on getting subversion to work with CFBuilder 3?

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          CaseyDougall Level 1

          in Eclipse 64 bit, you need to install slightly differently you can't use the update site to get the proper version.


          Use the writeup here to get SVN going


          subclipse: Wiki: JavaHL


          Windows 64-bit


          As of the Subclipse 1.8.x releases, native 64-bit Windows binaries are included with Subclipse so it includes everything you need. For earlier releases of Subclipse follow these instructions:

          If you are using a 32-bit JVM, then Subclipse should just work. If you use a 64-bit JVM then you need to provide a 64-bit version of JavaHL. One such distribution is SlikSVN which you can get here:


          With that package installed, Subclipse should find JavaHL on PATH and just work.