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    Can adobe be downloaded onto an external hard drive?


      Can Adobe be download on a hard drive so I don't have to use the computer memory?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You have mixed several terms, so I am a bit confused - A glossary of video terms - http://www.manifest-tech.com/links/video_terms.htm


          You download a file from an Internet site to your hard drive... you INSTALL a program on your computer hard drive, from download or disc


          Computer memory is RAM, not hard drive space... you use ram while the program is running, since it loads "into" ram from your installed hard drive location


          Adobe software does not work well, if at all, if you try to install it to anything other than the "boot" hard drive... generally the "C" drive for Windows


          Not only that, Premiere Elements uses a great deal of C drive space for temporary files, so you need to have "about" 20Gig of available hard drive space to work


          PS - Adobe is a company, you can't download a company... you asked in the Premiere Elements forum, so I presume that is the program you mean

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running? If your program is other than Premiere Elements (video editor), then it is best to post your questions in the Adobe Forum that focuses on your particular program.


            Although Premiere Elements can be installed to other than the Local Disk C, many have reported that the program works best when installed to the Local Disc C default location as shown at program installation. There are some features of the program that are installed automatically to certain locations no matter where you direct the program at installation.


            With more information (Premiere Elements version, project goals, computer resources), we can fine tune the reply. But that is the basic idea.


            Please do not hesitate to ask if you have questions or need clarification on anything written.


            Please let us know how we can help.


            Thank you.



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              Marissa8382 Level 1

              Sorry for the confusing way I worded the question. I meant external hard drive.

              But now I understand that Its RAM that is used, so how does Adobe premier elements 12 effect the actual memory of the computer. On this websites it says i'm required to have at least 5 GB of space but I don't know how much space I have on this computer or home much that will slow down the speed of my computer. 

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Here is an assortment of details with regard to your computer and installed and available RAM.

                For now I will assume that you have either Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit. Let us say 7 or the purpose of this example.

                Click the Start button, right click the Computer designation, and select Properties. That should bring up a page with installed RAM and available RAM.


                Probably a more informative place with regard to RAM is in System Information. To get there, click on Start button and, in the Search field above the Start button,

                type in System Information. A link to System Information should then appear at the top of that left column. In System Information should be included

                Installed RAM

                Total Physical Memory

                Available Physical Memory

                Total Virtual Memory

                Available Physical Memory


                Now, when we put Premiere Elements into the matter...Premiere Elements 10, 11, or 12 is a 64 bit application when running specifically in Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit. All that has computer resource implications, especially in getting larger projects taken to a successful completion. In this situation, Premiere Elements can take advantage of more than 4 GB RAM installed. If the circumstances are different than what I have just written, the Premiere Elements is a 32 bit application whether running in 32 bit computer or a 64 bit computer. Then the maximum supported installed RAM is 4 GB of which 3.2 to 3.0 GB of it are available.


                The Premiere Elements 12 System Requirement include 2 GB RAM to at least install the program. Far more is needed for working with project and computer resource demanding video formats. Free hard drive space is another matter.

                Edit video | Adobe Premiere Elements 12 - Tech specs


                With external hard drives, besides capacity and transfer rates, the format of the drive and maintaining the drive letter of the drive are also important. But that is another longer story for later if needed.


                Please let us know if you are OK with the details. Again, please do not hestitate to ask questions and to ask for clarification on anything written.