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    XML / Webservice help

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      I am attempting to use Zillow to get property values for entered properties.
      I have not a clue how to use this yet and looking for direction /

      I submit the information to Zllow's site via URL and it produces XML. When
      you directly link to it, it comes up and a XML document.

      http://www.zillow.com/webservice/GetSearchResults.htm?zws-id=%3CZWSID%E&address=2114+Bigel ow+Ave&citystatezip=Seattle%2C+WA

      How can I pass the information via form submission to this URL and get back
      something I can actually use on a page on my client's site. This is my first
      time with something like this, so any guidance would be appreciated. I need
      this project finished this week and this is one of the last things.