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    Discs burned in PE 11 stick when played on some DVD players


      I'm new to PE 11 and this forum so please bear with me and ask if I am not supplying enough info. I recently made a one hour home movie of a family vacation and burned ten identical DVD-R discs for each of the participating family units, using the software of the PE11 program itself (the "share" button).  I made identical labels for each of the ten discs, using Avery labels. Now, about half of the family reports that the discs "stick" in their DVD players, for different lengths of time (seconds usually), and at different locations on the discs. In one case the disc stopped playing altogether. Is this a known issue with the PR 11 burning software? Could it be an incompatibility between that program and (some) DVD players? What is my best bet now? Can (should) I re-burn  the movie using some other program, e.g. Nero or IMG burn? Will they burn .prel movies? Pls advise! Many thanks!

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          .PREL is your project file, not a movie... you still publish/share, and select "burning" a folder to your hard drive instead of direct to a DVD


          Read http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1322583 for notes on installing Imgburn WITHOUT any toolbar add-ons... Set Imgburn to use the slowest burn speed your drive and media will use... I set my burn speed to 1x and let Imgburn adjust to the actual minimum


          Use Taiyo Yuden single layer or Verbatim Two layer Or Falcon Pro for inkjet printable Two layer


          Do NOT attach a stick on label, some people have reported problems

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Did you use Premiere Elements itself to make the copies or did you make one copy and then use the exact copy feature of software that came with the burner to make exact copies of the first?


            My first impression is that you are probably not looking at a Premiere Elements issue but rather a disc labelling issue. Paper labels are discouraged because of the problems that they can cause to playback and the player. Please look at Lightscribe technology or the print on disc type for disc labelling.


            To prove this to yourself, please create exact copy with write on or Lightscribe discs and then apply the print on and Lightscribe labelling respectively. I suspect you will not run into the player issues that you describe.


            Your alternatives to using the typical Premiere Elements burn to disc (DVD) would include:

            a. Burn to Folder in Premiere Elements and the take the VIDEO_TS Folder from the saved folder to get it to DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc with the free ImgBurn program


            b. Export your Timeline content to a file saved to the computer hard drive and then take that file to DVD-VIDEO on DVD with 3rd party DVD-VIDEO producing software. You cannot burn to disc a project.prel file outside of Premiere Elements. The Timeline needs to be exported as a file that is supported by alternative program which should have the capability to generated the DVD-VIDEO format on DVD disc.


            Also, another consideration is the brand and type DVD disc being used. You could look at an alternative brand and type of disc.


            Just a test....Using the project that created the original DVDs, create a few more DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc and do not put any labels on them. Then give them to one of those who had problems with the original gifts.


            Please let us know the outcome.





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              Ray_Izia Level 1

              Thank you so much for your very prompt reply! That was a wonderful introduction to this Forum!


              The site you suggested to install IMG burn was very useful. I had previously used another download site and had been infected with the Conduit virus...very unpleasant to get rid of. The site you suggested enabled me to do a clean install without the Conduit toolbar and search engine.


              Since my printer is not enabled to imprint discs, I will simply not label the discs any more. I have burned several more discs using img_burn, did not label them, and will mail them to those of my family who reported "sticking". I hope that will do the trick and will let the forum know when I hear back from them.


              Thanks again for your input!

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                Ray_Izia Level 1

                Dear ATR, Thank you for your very prompt reply to my query. I did indeed burn the original discs directly from the time line version to the disc drive since that appeared to be one of the three options under PE 11 (1. Burn to disc (selected) 2. Burn to Folder 4.7 GB and 3 Burn to folder xx GB). I'm surprised that the first of these (burn to disc) is not a feasible or desirable option (if I understand you and J. Smith correctly) . In any case, following your instructions, I burned several more discs to "Folder 4.7 GB", found the Video_TS file there and instructed IMG_ Burn to use that as its Source. That worked fine and I will send those copies to family members who reported the sticking problem. I have not labeled them as both you and J. Smith felt that could be part of the problem. I do not have a printer that can print directly onto imprintible discs. Since I tackled both problems at once (writing to a folder and not labeling the discs) I may never know what the binding problem was but will be happy if these two measures prevent the sticking problem. Thank you very much for your suggestions! Ray

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the update. Sounds like great progress.


                  However, I do favor burn to disc rather than burn to folder. However, if there is a problem with burn to disc, then I would encourage burn to folder/ImgBurn route especially in a time crunch type situation. So, I do find the burn to disc to be very feasilbe and desirable option.


                  When you have the time you might want to look into the Lightscribe type labeling. For that you need a burner that supports LightScribe, LightScribe disc, LightScribe software.


                  It looks like there may have been some LightScribe site changes. I will have to look into that.


                  Best wishes