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    How do I automate the tracking of page numbers for self contained ads within a 35 page publication?

    Steely Phil

      Currently we do a 30 minute process of checking, by hand, each and every advertiser in our publication to see what page it's on or if we're accidentally leaving it out. I want to be able to somehow automate the process with "trackers" embedded in each ad, like an invisible box to be grouped that would sync up with a spreadsheet of some kind. As it is now, if we do our by-hand check of 30 minutes and then later move an ad, we have to redo the entire process or risk printing the publication with a missing ad.


      We've done things the old fashioned way for years and I'm hoping someone here will have a solution. I mean, how do big companies track ads and boxes in a publication with 100s of pages and ads and coupons?!?


      Thank you