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    Adobe elements 9 slideshow-codec issue


      I am new to this slideshow process, but have successfully created a 24 min video, have added my pictures and transitions into the slideshow.  Now I was about to add audio to it.  However, I have been able to get anything to work.  My I-tunes songs weren't working, so then I tried purchasing mp3 songs from Amazon.  I have those songs loaded on my computer.  When I go to add the audio, I get this message:  "unable to add audio file...mp3.  The selected file cannot be played because your system does not have the required compresser/decompresser (codec) installed."


      What do I do?  I need to have this video for an end of season party in two days!  I don't know how to fix this.  Thanks.  Panic-ed-Volleyball Team Mom