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    stop-motion animation

    ASilva Level 1

      Hi there ... i am doing a stop Motion Project myself, and i came across a problem.


      I took all the necessarie fotos and then transferd them to the Computer.


      Then ... import them to Premiere by selecting the frist foto of the i have transferd to the computer, and chek a box that says "image sequence", and then it imports the fotos already complied like a movie clip.


      But the thing is ... it is not doing that with all my fotos.


      Can some one explain what this problem is ??


      Regards ASilva

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The photos need to be numbered sequentially and in the same folder.


          If that is not the case you need to use some form of utility to rename the photos in the correct order.


          If you are still having problem after trying the suggestions let us know.

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            ASilva Level 1

            Hi there ... thanks for the help


            Aparently i have deleted some fotos that were not need and so the number were not in sequence any more, then  i tryed and duplicated some layers and named them with the missing numbers and it is working fine now.


            Thanks for the help