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    Export a small animation to a high res movie - problem.

    Bart31253 Level 1

      Hello all

      I've gotten myself deep into this problem and I'd love someone to get me any type of solution.

      You know when you've spent days upon days working on something for a client, the deadline is yesterday and suddenly it seems like all of it will go to waste and the client will murder you?


      That kind of problem.


      I am almost done working on this short cartoon and the plan is to export that to a movie file. That obviously needs to be high resolution (at least 720) and has to remain all the sounds.

      I've stupidly chose to work in document size of 640x360, thinking that it will make my pc work faster. I've created it all in vectors, so didn't see why that shouldn't let me export a video of whatever size.


      Some research I did suggests that I'm out of luck here. I can export in bigger size than original, but it's all "pixelated" and nasty looking.

      Looks to me like the only solution is to make the document size bigger and start enlargin hundreds of layers one by one. This would - best case scenario - cost me a few more days of work, but most probably would ruin the animation and get me stuck.


      This really is something that I'd think is super easy to do, so I'm hoping that my case is not lost entirely.

      Does anyone have any good ideas for me?


      Thank you in advance!