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    Save and share WebHelp publish settings

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      I am using TCS 4.0, RH10.


      I am creating the ISF file, master page, skin, etc. for my team's use. While publishing to WebHelp, we always perform the following tasks in the WebHelp settings window for every project:

      1. In Content Categories > Content <default>, select Apply to all Topics and select the default master page (which is basically the only master page they have added).
      2. In Navigation, clear Search Input Field in Toolbar check box.
      3. In Search, select the Hide Rank Column in Search Results check box.


      Is there a way I can configure these settings in some file and share it with the team (along with ISF files, etc.) so that they don't have to do it every time? I agree that selecting and deslecting few check boxes is not such a major time consuming task. However, I am curious if I can avoid manual intervention here.