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    Maya .iff (8bits rgba) sequences gives me file format error 1 ( 45::35 ) in after effects while playing, is there a work arround?

    romeu Level 1

      i'm on windows 8.1 pro, with a 770gtx that isn't yet recognized for gpu acceleration in after effects cc (last updated version)


      i have some iff sequences that are imported whitout any problems, but while i scrub the timeline or sometimes i hit play, i get the photoshop file format error1 (45::35). looks like a performance issue.

      is this a plug in error?

      I know that in olders versions of photoshop, we used to get in the instalation cd, under goodies a iff.8bi plugin to handle iffs. but on cc, downloaded through acc, i don't have a cd .


      anyone have any idea on how to solve this?