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    how do I change the email used to authorize my computer?


      for some reason my computer is authorized to an old email address, so my library books won't work because they are checked out to a newer email address.  How do I change which email address my computer is authorized to so that I can read my library books on my nook?


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          Dominic Michael Adobe Employee

          Case1: If you like to remove the old authorized account and authorize with new account.

          1. Switch to Library mode by clicking in Library button.
          2. Press Ctrl+Shift+D to deauthorize the old account.
          3. Press Ctrl+Shift+U to authorize again with the new account.


          Case 2: If you like have Multiple Accounts.

          1. Open the book fulfilled with new account in the machine, where ADE is activated with old account.
          2. It will prompt to authorize to read the book.
          3. Provide the new credentials to read the book.
          4. You can bring the Authorization information dialog by press Ctrl+Shift+I or by selecting the menu Help--> Authorization information
          5. To change the default account, click on Change Default ID

          In this case, the ADE is activated with Multiple Accounts and you can switch you default accounts.


          Hope this helps you.