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    Indesign CS5 - Problems with PDF-Export


      Hello community,

      we do have a problem with Indesign CS5 and exporting data into PDF. It is about that logo on that white surface, which doesnt come along with the rest after the pdf-export. What we did was: We created that white surface in Indesign itself, put an effect on it with the Indesign effect gallery and then imported the logo in the surface ... the logo itself is .psd data. So, if we export it into pdf like that, it is just dissapeared. Does anyone have had a similar problem and what can be done about it?


      By the way ... if you put, for example, a simple backgroundshadow on a picture ... done also with the Indesign effect gallery, then you get just a white surface instead of the shadow, after the export into pdf. It does maybe correlate with the other problem ... not sure. Any suggestions?


      Thank you very much for your help and kind regards ...