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    transitionManager + Erratic User

    breez11 Level 1
      So digging deep into the www I have came across personal blogs that explain the ways of the transition class. The issue I am having now is if I navigate through the images faster then the images load in the holder mc which in named loader_mc looses it alpha values until it is not visible anymore. How can I prevent the other images from beginning the transition until the last transition is complete or maybe disable the functions from triggering until the last transition is complete. Or am I going about this the wrong way to begin with.

      to replicate file I have one symbol in the library with a linkage identifier of hero and a symbol on the stage named loader_mc which load the images that are store in the root directory in a folder labeled "images/ "

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          injpix Level 3
          In your mouse event handlers you should use Flash’s Tween class instead of using onEnterFrame to alpha in/out a movieclip. It has method calls that can be useful; stop(), start(). If you still need more control and sequencing use Fuse.

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            breez11 Level 1
            Hey myIP, I don't believe you understood my post. It is not the rollover effects that are causing the issue but rather the transitions between the loaded images that are being triggered by the buttons. I have put together a sample of the build you can download here to see what I am talking about. Please take a look and any in-site would be much appreciated. I have been posting this issue with no responses. I do think it should be done another way now but I have tried two different directions and both end up with some ugly side effects. Just click through the buttons without giving the transition time to finish and you will see what I am talking about. Thanks