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    Why would a text box behave as if it were on top of something with a text wrap when it doesn't have anything below it?


      I am working on a menu design, and one of the categories in the menu is behaving like it is on top of something with a text wrap function. There is nothing below it, there is also nothing in the entire document that has any type of text wrap setting. I did nothing to the file. It just appeared this way when I was about to make proofing changes. It is behaving as if there is some sort of text wrap in the file. There are no text wraps anywhere near. There are also no hidden objects or characters causing it from what I can tell. I have exported an IDML file and deleted my preferences to see if that would help… neither turned up successful in getting rid of the issue. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!



      ChickenSection As Is.pngChicken Text Box - stretched to show.png