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    Tooltips in Edge

    Jakes Cusack

      Hello all I have been trying to add tool tips to my project for the last week and I am just not getting it, these are the steps I have taken;


      1 – Create a Symbol next to the icon I would like the tooltip so
      be shown against then inside the sym I set the opacity over two seconds from
      0-100 then back to 0. 


      2 - Set a label at the beginning tooltip_1 and at the end


      3 – Set a trigger at tooltip_1 to sym.stop(); and again tooltip_2
      to sym.stop();


      Go back to the stage and the icon and set the following code





      1. sym.play('Tooltip_2');






      1. sym.play('Tooltip_1');



      I have also tried to use Jquery and CSS to do this as well



      1. sym.getSymbol("tooltip").$("Tool_container").css(







      $( document ).tooltip();





        label {

          display: inline-block

          width: 5em;






      <input id="age" title="We ask
      for your age only for statistical purposes."


      So at the end of all that, all I am trying to do is hover over a symbol and for a tooltip to appear, can anybody help?



      Many thanks in advance