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    Difference between bmp.draw() and .merge()

    Rothrock Level 5
      I haven't done much with bitmaps before, but am trying to do a bunch now. I'm a little confused about the difference between the draw() and merge() methods. Basically I want to have a square area with a neutral grey boarder fade to a circular part in the middle with various patterns. I'm using this for a displacement map and want to have the neutral grey fade so that there is no hard straight edge.

      I'm making the neutral grey with a gradient fill set to pad and it looks great.
      I'm making the pattern that will show in the middle of the circle with perlinNoise and it looks great.

      Now I need to combine them. At first I thought merge would be the best choice, since, well, since it is called MERGE. I did get them to merge, but I really couldn't control it.

      I then came across that the draw method can support blending modes and that seemed to work. But then I tried it without a blending mode and that even worked. So now I'm a bit confused again.

      I know what the help files say, but what does that mean?

      Any tips or ideas?